Idris Elba diagnosed with COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

Actor Idris Elba said he has tested positive for Covid-19. Elba, 47, said he received his test results Monday morning. He encouraged people watching to practice social distancing and be diligent about hand washing, emphasizing the point that there are asymptomatic people are out there, like himself. "Stay home people and be pragmatic," he wrote.... Continue Reading →

Idris Elba reveals he’s cutting down on social media usage because of depression

Idris Elba has disclosed he is planning on cutting down his social media usage because it's now making him feel depressed. The British actor and DJ, 47, who is an active user of Twitter and Instagram told Fast Company magazine:"I've been trying to wean myself off. "I used to post a lot more, but it's... Continue Reading →

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