Blueface Forces His Son To Say “Where The H**s At?” on video

Blueface Faces Twitter Backlash After Asking For 'George Floyd ...

It seems that these days, whenever Los Angeles rapper Blueface is in the news it’s definitely not for anything positive—and that trend is continuing courtesy of his latest video. Posted to his Instagram account, Blueface shared a video of himself and his young sone sitting in a car as the little boy plays with the steering wheel.

Things start off innocent enough, until Blueface repeatedly starts forcing the little boy to say “where the h**s at?” Initially, the toddler ignores his father’s request, but sadly does end up repeating what he was asked to say as the video ends with Blueface laughing.

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This is the second time in less than a week that he has found himself at the center of controversy, as earlier this month he sparked outrage when he walked inside a local Los Angeles furniture store and asked for the “George Floyd discount.”

He continued, saying “Ay, could y’all tell ’em to give me that George Floyd discount? I need that Black Lives Matter discount.” Although he ended up taking the video down, his comments definitely didn’t sit well with most people—and he was dragged thoroughly across social media because of it.

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